Thursday, April 8, 2010

~ Air Drying Herbs ~

Earthy Purple Nettle (left )
Spearmint (right)

I have several different processes for air drying , the easiest being tying them in bundles and hanging in a dark , dry area. This little closet is perfect for drying most of my herbs. You can also spread them out on a screen in a dark place to dry , sometimes I do that too. I've also use paper bags to dry them , bundle the herbs up and put a paper bag over them , tie the top and hang , this method is used for saving seeds mostly , but if the area is not dark enough , this is a good method to use also. I have dried them in an old truck we have parked out in the field , they dry quickly this way but don't retain as much color because of to much light , so I usually put them in paper bags when I use this method. Sometimes I have just left them sitting in a basket and they dry out just fine , if they don't have any moisture in them.

Flassie , I liked your suggestion about renaming the Dead Nettle , so " Earthy Purple Nettle " it will be (LOL).

~ Happy Herbal Blessing ~


Jeanne said...

I would air dry may herbs when I lived in Colorado. But Arkansas is SO HUMID that I now use the dehydrator for all my drying.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Oh, I love the fun new
name for Dead Nettle,
"Earthy Purple Nettle"

Thank you so much for
sharing how you dry them.

God Bless You and Yours!!!