Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Herbal Ally Challenge # 10 ~ Dandelion Meditation & My Thoughts

March 21 st

Today as I sat with my herbal ally Dandelion .......

The sun was shining brightly and as I closed my eyes to meditate I had an image burn in of the Dandelion I was focusing on . My thoughts right off were of the beautiful bright yellow blossom , reminding me of the sun and warmth. The other image in my mind was the razor sharpness of the leaves , but later as I opened my eyes I realized the top of the leaves have a roundness that softens the look of the leaves. I think Dandelion was telling me to enjoy the warmth of the sun , soak up that vitamin D and warmth after a long cold winter and that the razor sharpness of the leaves represents how abruptly the Dandelion can work with your system to eliminate problems. As I was writing in my journal , a small bee landed on the blossom gathering nectar. What a delightful feeling it was to sit still and watch that small bee at work.

I have to admit I only meditated 3 days , life became hectic , sick grands and lots of rain distracted me and I haven't got back to the challenge. But , I plan to continue this challenge through the year.

~ Dandelion Blessings ~