Wednesday, January 9, 2008

~ Welcome ~

Over the last few years , I've became interested in herbs. Last year I decided , it was time to get serious about my herbal studies.

This past Sept , I took a class about herbs and wild foods . I enjoyed the class and found a new passion. I've always been interested in herbs and plants , just haven't taken the time to learn about them appropriately.

As a new year starts I plan to be serious about my herbal studies. I'm going to start the Susan Weed online course soon. I also plan to study seven herbs in depth this year.

This blog will be a journal of my studies , a place to show herbal art and share knowledge I gain. I hope you will learn from my studies , successes and failures.

I did this drawing on the first day of the New Year . I'm not sure if these will be the seven herbs I study . I will pray and let the herbal spirits guide me.

~ Happy Hugs ~