Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Plants I'm trying to Identify ...........

I think this plant maybe Fleabane aka Horse Weed , still researching it.
Update ~ It's Daisy Fleabane (Erigeron annuus)

This plant has pale purple blooms.
I'm still researching this plant , but I think it's Blue Lobelia inflata. Will update again when I'm a 100% sure.

It is Lobelia Inflata aka Indian Tobacco.

This plant grows low to the ground , the flowers are white with 4 petals.
Still haven't found out anything on this plant.

This plant has yellow blooms , the flower has 5 petals.
Tansy thought this might be St. John's Wort . We've had very little rain the last few weeks and by the time I got around to trying Tansy's suggestions , the blooms had dried out , so it's hard to tell. I'm still trying to make a positive i.d. on this plant.

Purple Blooms

This plant hasn't bloomed yet , it grows in the garden.

The last 3 photos show a vine I trying to identify , the vine has small pale yellow trumpet ~ shaped flowers.

If you can identify any of these plants , please leave a comment !
~ Herbal Blessings ~


tansy said...

the first is definitely daisy fleabane.

the one with the 5 petaled yellow flowers looks like st. john's wort. pull off a leaf, hold it to the sky and see if you can see tiny little holes covering the surface, like someone stuck a pin in the leaves. also, crush a flower and see if it 'bleeds' red. if so, it's sjw.

the purple flower looks like a geranium:

the plant below the purple flower looks like a nettle imitation. i can't think of its name right now.

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Tansy ~ Thanks for taking the time to look at these plants. I thought the yellow one might be SJW , I will look at it more closely.

~ Blessings ~

Min Mu said...

The plant that grows to the ground wit h white 4 petals is Virgina Buttonweed. I am still finding info on it, I found it in my yard too.

Sheila HZ said...

Looks like fleabane

the little yellow flower looks like St. John's to me.

Sheila HZ said...

St John's should leave a reddish tint on your fingers when you rub them together
Sheila HZ